This is the list of admins.

User Job Joined Status
AngryBirdsToons1000 Founder January 16, 2015 - present Active

In order to become admin, you must never had done, do, or intend to do (as applicable) any of the following:

  1. Don't ask to be admin after your first initial request. Every time you ask there's less of a chance of us making you one, we'll get to it. Don't you worry.
  2. Never be blocked. If you were blocked by Emigasfist, we'll have to discuss it.
  3. Must be a member here for over 6 months.
  4. Don't abuse the Wikia system for any personal gain, this includes but is not limited too: Extorting loopholes in requrements and or rules, achievement farming.
  5. You should have never spammed. Period
  6. You have never vandalized any pages
  7. Don't do anything to devolve the quality of pages, this includes but is not limited to: Useless categories, opiniated comments, implications, personal non-existent extensions to the plot*
  8. Don't be a mega-douche*
  9. Must have over 500 edits here... (and if you just make a bunch of random edits for the sake of editing, see requrement 4)
  10. Have over 750 achievement points
  11. Don't add any useless infoboxes to characters with no info about them like the toilet dude and just put*
  12. No anti-Starman3 speech WHATSOEVER
  13. Don't violate any of the wiki's rules
  14. Don't troll other users
  15. Don't ask complisively for higher privileges

*Should you want to become an admin and are denied because you violated one of these starred requirements you may rebut the decision depending on the severity of the act, as one may not know what constitutes as "useless" or "mega-douche". Depending on how severe the act was the request for adminship may be reevaluated, but again, if not, admin's word is final.

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